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Different Types of Website Hosting

Different Types of Website Hosting

Deciding which type of website hosting to choose is a crucial stage in making your website available on the Internet. Although you want to choose an affordable website hosting service, it is essential for your success that you evaluate your business needs. Based on this phenomenon, have a look at the following different types of web hosting including:

1. Free Hosting

As its name suggests, this type of hosting is available for free. It will suit you best if you want to online your personal website. This is because free Domain Name Registration is specifically targeted to small websites that have low traffic. Therefore, it is not recommended for those business websites that have high traffic.
Since it does not charge anything, you can face some technical issues in it. In addition, it offers only a few technical options. To sum it up, free hosting is the best option for hobbies, family, and personal sites. But it lacks security options and database support.

2.Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting is also called shared. It is an extremely cheap website hosting. In this type of web Domain Name Registration, a single server hosts your website. Besides your website, this powerful server also over one-hundred more websites. That is why it is known as shared hosting. Since all other websites are being online on the same server, it can be an affordable website hosting for you.

It has average traffic. Therefore, it is a good option for small businesses. Along with that, it provides various software options to website owners. However, there is lack of security because of multiple websites on a single server.

3. Dedicated Hosting

The most expensive type of website Domain Name Registration is dedicated hosting. A dedicated server is responsible to host your website. Only large businesses can use dedicated hosting to online their websites. The main reason behind it is that these websites have high traffic, and dedicated hosting handles high traffic effectively.
With unlimited software options, dedicated hosting is also well known for providing security to websites. In addition, it also includes email solutions. But at the same time, you should have higher skills to use dedicated hosting.

4. Collocated Hosting The word

Collocated” comes from “co-location”. It is a different type of Domain Name Registration as compared to the ones mentioned above. What makes it different is that you can place your server on a service provider’s location. It is similar to running your server in an office of your own. However, the only difference is that the service provider’s location is a better place for it to run.