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Australian Domain Names | Cheap Domain Name Registration

Australian Domain Names | Cheap Domain Name Registration

It can be extremely beneficial to register international domain names, including Australian domain names. Keep in mind that there are various extensions that have specific requirements, so you will need to make sure that you meet these specifications and have all of the necessary information ready to enter when you begin Domain Name Registration


Australian Business Websites

Australian domain names

In order to buy cheap domain names with the extensions or can only be used by companies that are registered in Australia (with business numbers ABN, BRN, or BN). At some point during domain registration, you will have to provide this specific business number. If your company is based outside of Australia, it must be licensed to trade within Australia.

Your domain name should match your specific business name, either in its complete form or an abbreviation, acronym or something extremely relevant or similar to what your company is registered as. You can separate words with hyphens. You will not be able to add spaces within the name, go over 63 characters, or use only one character.

Other Types of Websites

Unlike, the extension are not restricted by the same policies. Anyone can successfully register a name with the ending.

Australian domain names with the extensions or can only be considered if your organisation is Australian incorporated and considered non-commercial, meaning that the purpose of the organisation is not related to buying or selling goods and services for profit. Political parties, sports clubs or other special interest groups fall under this category. The selected name must be explicitly related to the name of the organisation.

Anyone looking for cheap domain names that currently resides in Australia can actually register one for free with the extension This extension was created exclusively for those who live in this country.

Choosing Domain Names

Australian Domain Name Registration

Choosing the right domain name is important, especially if you are registering for a company and its reputation is on the line. Using the right words is also vital with regards to helping search engines to find your website. The more people that are able to find your website easily, the better.

Generic domain names are something to be considered, as well. It can be challenging to select words related to what your website will be about that have not already been taken, but it may be worth an attempt. Should you eventually choose to sell the website, it is likely to be more valuable it is not so peculiar. This may also improve the chances that search engines will find your website, therefore increasing the number of visitors you get.

Be creative with the name that you choose, but make sure that it is relevant and easy to remember. Spell everything exactly the way you would like it to be, and double-check it before you submit the request. Selecting the name for your website is the most fun, and most challenging part of registration.


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